The Axiom Group philosophy is simple and effective…

We COMMUNICATE, EDUCATE , ADVISE and ACHIEVE RESULTS for our strategic partners and clients.

The Customer

What makes The Axiom Group different is our distinguished level of professionalism used when speaking to your customer and our dedication to recovering funds FASTER.

Our recovery agents respectfully reach out to your customer to introduce themselves and educate them on their current situation. Many times, our person-to-person approach reaches your customer BEFORE their balance has escalated to an unmanageable amount, making it easier for your customer to pay.

While advising on an aged delinquency, our agents work with the customer to develop a plan to resolve the delinquency and to bring their account back to a good standing status.

The Client

As an Axiom client, you will experience communication at its best! Our staff is always available to answer questions, develop customized strategy plans or advise on an existing account.

Our clients receive a dedicated contact within our Client Service Team as well as direct contacts for day-to-day Operational needs. We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer interaction and communication.

Strategic Partners

The Axiom Group’s executive team maintains open lines of communication at all times with strategic partners through timely financial reporting and efficient task management. With nearly 100 years of combined experience working with our partners, a results driven mentality resonates through all levels at The Axiom Group.