The Axiom Group’s debt portfolio acquisitions speak for themselves: With purchases of various portfolios with a face value of over $400 million, and over $16 Billion managed in debt portfolios since 1996 by Executive Staff, our purchase power and industry relationships open doors which might otherwise be closed to other bidders.


Our Executive Team has developed a proprietary scoring database which is estimated to be the largest and most accurate existing in the industry today. This allows Axiom Acquisition Ventures, LLC to pay a premium for those certain segments of accounts, maximizing revenue for the Debt Seller and for The Axiom Group and its joint venture partners. Identifying and placing accounts in this segment reduces collection expense and provides higher liquidations, which allows the Seller to further segment their placements and/or sale files for greater return.

Benefits of selling vs. servicing internally

Economics work:

  • By allowing Axiom Acquisition Ventures to purchase accounts up front, we ensure “money-now” for Debt Sellers versus long payment plans that can fall out

There is added value to working with us beyond the economics:

  • Eliminates costs of mailings, phone calls and personnel on certain segments of inventory
  • Allows collectors to penetrate deeper into the remaining portfolio, thus enhancing overall liquidation results

If a sale of all or a portion of your debt portfolio is determined to not be the preferred method of recovery, the accounts can also be placed with Full Circle Financial, a joint venture partner of The Axiom Group.